Motherboard Manufacturers. Asustek. Part II

Motherboards by Asustek have got an internal protection mechanism of AMD processors from overheating (Intel processors have got built-in protection) that is very important especially while overclocking. This mechanism leads to automatic computer shutdown when some critical temperature is exceeded. Such temperature is set by manufacturer at the hardware level and does not depend on the software settings.

Motherboards by Asustek are equipped with BIOS by AMIBIOS. BIOS software settings provide wide opportunities for overclocking and optimization of computer functioning. Using them it is possible:

  • to change FSB frequencies from 100 to 300 MHz with the step of 1 MHz;
  • to change the processor multiplying ratio;
  • to change the core voltage of processor, chipset, memory and AGP;
  • to set the frequency of memory operation;
  • to set delays of memory operation;
  • to change the value of frequency divider for AGP and PCI;
  • to allocate interruptions manually.