Motherboard Manufacturers. Chaintech

The products of Chaintech are rather expensive, qualitative and highly potential ones. A lot of program settings give various opportunities for overclocking. In addition to standard tools for setting parameters available from BIOS, motherboards by this manufacturer contain a CD with programs for testing, monitoring and overclocking. So you can perform overclocking not from BIOS but directly from Windows. But such overclocking frequently ends in computer hanging. Such motherboards also contain “round” 80-conductor IDE-loops that are much suitable than the standard flat ones. These motherboards also have a special panel which can be placed on the front side on a system block and additional USB-connectors, Firewire, a microphone jack and a headphone jack. There are also LEDs on this panel that inform about the process of self-testing and system loading where each step is consistent with its own color combination.

Motherboards by Chaintech are equipped with microcircuits AwardBIOS by Phoenix that enable setting the following parameters:

  • to change FSB frequencies from 100 to 400 MHz with the step of 1 MHz;
  • to change the processor multiplying ratio;
  • to change the voltage of processor core with the step of 0,0125-0,025 V, and also the voltage of chipset, memory and AGP-bus;
  • to set the operation frequency of memory;
  • to adjust operation delays of memory;
  • to change the frequency divider for AGP and PCI;
  • to allocate interruptions manually.

Some parameters can be set using jumpers on a motherboard. Using jumpers, you can perform the following steps:

  • to reset the current BIOS settings and return values by default;
  • to set the frequency of FSB bus: a switch can be turned into the position Auto, 100 MHz or 133 MHz;
  • to switch on an opportunity to run a system using keyboard and/or mouse connected via PS/2 or USB;
  • to switch on/off a sound controller;
  • to switch on/off a network controller.

Despite high prices, motherboards by Chaintech are especially appealing due to their reliability, great overclocking capacity and control of the system at the hardware level.