Motherboard Manufacturers. EPoX.

Motherboards by EPoX have high reputation among people who are experts in overclocking and optimization. These motherboards are reliable, affordable and have good potential for overclocking.

Well-planned mechanisms of device protection, for example a processor, enable easily getting the desired results even if you are a beginner in overclocking. Some motherboards are equipped with special remote panels with light indicators which inform about errors and the values that exceed permissible norms for this configuration are displayed in another color. The models with no remote panels with LEDs have a couple of LEDs directly on a motherboard.

Even the cheapest motherboards have an opportunity to change the frequency of system bus, processor multiplying ratio, to regulate the voltage on the processor, AGP video card and memory modules.

Motherboards by EPoX are equipped by AwardBIOS by Phoenix. There are utilities on a CD for automatic updating of BIOS and changing a set of its settings directly from operating system (Magic BIOS Utility) and also for starting all user images (Magic Screen Utility). These motherboards may also contain one or two integrated network controllers, Super ATA Controller with the possibility to create RAID and also IEEE 1394 and FireWire.

Motherboards by EPoX can be suggested both for beginners and professionals. The software and hardware protection mechanisms, built into a motherboard, do not lead to inoperable state of other important devices even during the most critical overclcoking. If the available values of any parameters are exceeded, your motherboard will at least beep or shut down the system.