Motherboard Manufacturers. Gigabyte. Part I

The company Gigabyte is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of motherboards. It has a wide variety of products: from very cheap motherboards with poor capacity to elite ones with excellent opportunities for overclocking.

The company Gigabyte has implemented its own technologies on most of modern motherboards. They significantly simplify the control over system resources and system recovery after failures connected with overclocking or BIOS damage. Here are some of these technologies:

  • DualBIOS – a backup microcircuit with BIOS copy which allows not only recovering BIOS but even booting a computer with partially damaged BIOS and performing its further full recovery (partial recovery is implemented automatically);
  • Q-Flash – an utility wired in BIOS that allows its updating without loading of DOS.

The main feature of this manufacturer is software that enables to control setting of BIOS parameters directly from Windows, to update BIOS, to reserve data and easily install or update all necessary drivers. You can find the following utilities on a CD attached to each motherboard:

  • @BIOS – the utilities for updating and the firmware of new versions of BIOS without booting of DOS;
  • EasyTune – an utility for setting BIOS parameters that allow overclcoking a computer directly from Windows and also for monitoring of these parameters in real time;
  • Xpress Recovery – an utility for creation of a backup data copy in a hidden area of the hard disk and further recovery of these data;
  • Xpress Install – an utility that performs an automatic selection and installing of all necessary drivers and applications from a CD attached to a motherboard.