Motherboard Manufacturers. Gigabyte. Part II

The utility EasyTune enables to set a bus frequency, to set the processor divider ratio, to adjust the voltage on a processor, AGP video card, memory and to set frequency divider of AGP and PCI directly from Windows in real time. In most cases, this allows overclocking a system without its rebooting. The control system, implemented at the software and hardware levels, informs a user about unstable operation or shuts down the computer system in case of emergency, for example after the processor overheating.

All BIOS settings are performed in the software, even the reset of user’s settings. If there is a system boot problem, they are automatically reset to the previous ones in the software. A switch of a password reset is the only one switch on most motherboards by Gigabyte. Some models also have a switch for selection the processor base frequency and a set of switches for selection the processor multiplying ratio.