Motherboard Manufacturers. Intel

Motherboards by Intel are best selling ones. A motherboard by Intel is completed with a chipset by Intel, BIOS microcircuit by Intel and with a processor by Intel. Such structure, combined with a big amount of brand technologies, provides an optimal performance of equipment. But there are also several important limitations. First of all, the products by Intel are not cheap. The functional possibilities of motherboards and supported technologies are directly depend on their prices – the cheaper products have locked opportunities at the hardware level and, in most cases, there is no “manual” unlocking. When the unlocking is possible, there is a high risk to damage both a motherboard and a processor. Secondly, it is impossible to overclock anything in a motherboard by Intel: in most cases the possibility to change a bus frequency and the processor multiplying ratio is locked. But there are the parameters associated with configuring the bus frequencies, PCI and AGP.

Most motherboards are equipped with BIOS by Intel but some models may have Award BIOS. One of their features is the possibility to recover BIOS from the backup file. You can do this using a switch on a motherboard which can be set in Normal, Config or BIOS Recovery.