Motherboard Manufacturers. Micro Star (MSI)

The product by MSI is one of the most popular and wide-spread as it is very qualitative and its prices range a lot. Accordingly, it has a variation of possibilities for overclocking: from extremely low and limited to the best ones.

The main features of these motherboards are their performance reliability and multifunctionality. A Motherboard by MSI consists of a CD with a lot of utilities that enable to protect your computer from unauthorized entry, to get information about the system and equipment, to update BIOS automatically (LiveUpdate Utility), to monitor a system, to control an exact temperature, voltages and operation of fans and to start overclcoking directly from operating environment of Windows (Core Center Utility).

MSI Company has pioneered D-Bracket Technology that enables to control the system loading using LEDs, placed on a special panel at the back of the system unit. There are also additional USB-connectors on this panel.