Motherboard Manufacturers. Part I

There are a large amount of motherboard manufacturers: some of them are very famous nowadays, some of them are less famous and some of them are “Noname” – the one-day companies. A price of the product mainly depends on the popularity of manufacturer – the more popular the company, the more expensive its product. But the quality and opportunities of motherboards do not depend on the level of popularity and very often unknown companies produce much better products than their famous competitors. So what manufacturer to choose?


Motherboards by Abit are one of the most expensive in their class but this is compensated by their various opportunities. Exactly this company has come up with the idea of various useful technologies which significantly improve the operation of internal devices and peripherals. This company has also provided unlimited opportunities for overclocking. For example, a technology Jumperless allows relinquishing the use of jumpers except a jumper of BIOS zeroing. Nowadays this technology is widely used among other manufacturers. This company has also implemented such technologies which allow detailed setting of a system using the software tools, for example to modify the frequency of FSB with a step of 1 MHz, to separately modify the frequencies AGP and PCI or FSB and DRAM, to adjust the voltage of processor, chipset, AGP video card, memory, etc.

Motherboards by Abit are consistent with processors both by Intel and AMD. They consist of IDE- and FDD-loops joined into a harness and also a manual in several languages including Russian. The differences of the motherboards by Abit are integrated sound controller on the basis of AC’97 audio codec with an opportunity of connection of 5.1 audio systems (five audio connectors are displayed on the back panel – Front Speaker, Line-in, Mic-in, Center/Sub, Surround Speaker – and a connector fro connection of the front audio inputs/outputs S/PDIF).