Motherboard Manufacturers. Part II


Some special technologies by Abit are additionally used in expensive models of motherboards:

  • OTES – the cooling system of a voltage stabilizer of processor power;
  • Secure IDE – an opportunity of cryptographic protection of data on a hard disk;
  • SoftMenu – an opportunity of detailed setting of voltages and frequencies from BIOS.

Award BIOS by Phoenix is traditionally used on the motherboards by Abit. BIOS controls almost all settings here. So you can find only one switch on the motherboards by this manufacturer – BIOS Reset.

The particular opportunities of changing settings depend on the type of motherboard and a version of BIOS, but in general BIOS allows implementing the following settings:

  • to change FSB from 100 to 300 MHz with a step of 1 MHz;
  • to change a multiplying ratio of a processor;
  • to change a voltage of a processor core with a step of 0,001 V;
  • to set a memory operating frequency: DDR200, DDR266;
  • to set delays in memory operation;
  • to change the voltage of memory and chipset;
  • to set an operating frequency of PCI;
  • to set an operating frequency of AGP and to change the voltage of this bus;
  • to change the value of frequency divider for AGP and PCI;
  • to allocate interruptions manually.

In general, motherboards by Abit are well-suited for overclocking due to a wide range of monotonous settings and also an opportunity of their saving.