Motherboard Manufacturers. Part III


Motherboards by Acorp are rather reliable and not very expensive products suitable for “budget” computers but they are not suitable for overclocking. As a rule, a set of system settings of these motherboards is changing the frequency of a bus, processor multiplying ratio and memory delays.

The main feature of motherboards by Acorp is Smart Panel. This panel contains two USB connectors, Audio In/Out connectors, diagnostic set of LEDs and a button for selection of the type of BIOS microchip for booting (it operates not in all models of motherboards).

 The possibilities of system setting using BIOS are rather limited but in some cases they are accompanied by a set of switches on a motherboard by which it is possible to perform the following actions:

  • reset BIOS settings;
  • select FSB frequency (as a rule, between Auto/100/133 MHz);
  • switch on-off an opportunity to run a computer using PS/2 keyboard and/or USB;
  • switch on-off a sound controller;
  • switch on-off a network controller.

Motherboards by this manufacturer use Award BIOS by Phoenix. Using it, it is possible to set the following parameters (the particular opportunities depend on the model of motherboard or version of BIOS):

  • to change FSB frequency from 100 to 220MHz with the step of 1 MHz;
  • to change the processor multiplying ratio;
  • to change the core voltage of the processor, memory, chipset and AGP;
  • to set memory delays;
  • to set an operating frequency of Auto, DDR266, DDR333;
  • to change the value of frequency divider for AGP and PCI;
  • to allocate interruptions manually.

Motherboards by this manufacturer are suitable for beginner users to refine techniques and skills of overclocking.