Motherboard Manufacturers. Soltek

Soltek Company produces cheap motherboards for overclocking.

A motherboard by this company has got a set of technologies providing overclocking. In fact, it is only enough to switch your computer on and it will select all necessary parameters for overclocking itself. For example, if you use “RedStorm Overclcokng”, there will be a function that automatically increases the bus frequency with the step of 1 MHz and checks the system sustainability. If your system is sustainable, the frequency will be increased, otherwise the parameter is given a previous frequency value and your computer restarts.

Motherboards by Soltek have a lot of tools for overclocking. Not to damage equipment, there are also various control systems both on the hardware and the software levels. Here you can establish temperature ceilings, define the speeds of the blowers, select the way of automatic caution and other.

Motherboards by Soltek are ideal for cheap computers and not very experienced users.