Motherboard is a base that serves not only to connect separate components but also to define all important characteristics connected with productivity and capacity. So it is necessary to select a motherboard very carefully.

Here are main recommendations if you select a motherboard:

  • check a motherboard carefully: all details must be installed thoroughly and its soldering – polished and monotonous. A textolite basis must be straight: if a motherboard is curved, there is a possibility of cracks in the tracks or crystals of microchips. In turn, this may lead to decreasing of their operability or to their damage.

A chipset must have factory marking with clearly readable designations, for example VIA K8T800, Intel i875P, Ali 1683. If the designations are defective, ask a seller about a manufacturer. Simple labels like “PC Chips” describe the pirated usage of chipset.

  • Check if there are captions near the connectors and switches on a textolite basis. The qualitative manufacturer always marks all nodes on a motherboard. The standard ports and connectors also have to be marked.
  • Check an opportunity to clamp a motherboard in a system block. Placing of slots on a motherboard is often so inconvenient, that firstly it is necessary to remove the computer power box to change a memory module or to clean the processor fan. The location of IDE- and FDD-slots shall be such that the inserted cables are not hindered. Besides, a motherboard must be closely clamped to the case and its edges must be fixed.
  • Check a delivery set: nowadays most motherboards are equipped with “round” IDE- and FDD-loops. Ask about additional elements in a set, for example panels with USB-ports and/or signal LEDs or the related software on a hard disk. Look through the manual to a motherboard.

But is should be noted that selection of model with famous mane or well-equipped box do not guarantee that a computer will have high productivity. It often happens, that unknown motherboard in a plastic bag can be better than a branded one. To identify a real capacity of a product, test it.