Operation with BIOS Setup. Part II

All modern models of motherboards of other producers supply operation with profiles, but the commands’ titles and the aims of function keys will be different. Let’s have a short look at some features of operation with BIOS profiles of leading producers.

ASUS. Two profiles for saving BIOS profiles are available in a number of new motherboards by ASUS. These commands can be found in the section “Tools” or subsection “Tools ► Asus О.С. Profile”.

You can select the command “Save to Profile 1/2” to save the current settings in the form of a profile, and the command “Load from Profile 1/2” – to restore settings from saved profile. The command “Start O.C. Profile” allows saving settings in the form of a file on a floppy or flash disks and also recovering saved settings from them.


MSI. There is a section “USER SETTINGS” for operation with profiles in the main menu of BIOS Setup of some boards by MSI. Here you will find the command “Save Settings” for saving settings into one of available profiles, and the command “Load Settings” – for recovering settings out of the profile.