Optimization of Loading. Part III

Full Screen Logo Show (Quiet Boot)

This parameter enables or disables displaying a full-screen backdrop with manufacturer logo wile booting the system.

Possible values:

  • Enabled (On) – a full-screen backdrop is displayed. It is recommended to set this value for inexperienced users;
  • Disabled (Off) – a full-screen backdrop is not displayed that gives an opportunity to monitor the diagnostic messages “POST”.

Some versions have an opposite parameter which switches on or off a display of diagnosis screen. It can be named as “Boottime Diagnosis Screen” or “Summary Screen”.

Small Logo (EPA) Show

This parameter controls displaying the logo EPA (American Agency for Environmental Protection) which is usually placed in the upper right corner.

Interrupt 19 Capture

An initial computer testing is finished with a call of INT 19 interruption which is used for booting the first sector of a boot drive in the memory. This interruption is processed by default with the help of the main BIOS motherboard, but while installing the value “Enabled” you can enable the processing of additional IDE-, SCSI- or RAID-controllers for BIOS.

Case Open Warning (Chassis Intrusion)

This parameter enables checking the opening of a computer if it is equipped by special sensor. Possible values:

  • Enabled – checking the opening of a computer is on. The system behavior after opening of a case and further rebooting depends on a motherboard model (for example, the warnings may be displayed on a screen, beep sounds or locking of booting with offering to enter Setup;
  • Disabled – checking the opening of a computer is off;
  • Reset – this value may remove an error message and then the parameter will be assigned to Enabled again. Some motherboards have separate parameter “Reset Case Open Status”.