Other Chipset Settings. Part I

HPET Support

This parameter controls the operation of High Precision Event Timer (HPET).

Possible values:

  • Enabled (On) – the timer is on (this value is recommended for Windows Vista/7);
  • Disabled (Off) – the timer is off.

You can also meet the parameter “HPET Mode” with the help of which you can select the 32- or 64-bit timer operation mode. Select the value “32-bit mode” for 32-bit versions of Windows Vista/7 and the value “64-bit mode” – for 64-bit ones.

Memory Remap Feature (DRAM Over 4G Remapping)

This parameter allows replacing an address space for PCI-devices beyond the first 4 GB.

Possible values:

  • Enabled (On) – a memory segment designed for PCI bus will be replaced (it is recommended while installing 64-bit operating systems on computers with 4 GB Ram and more);
  • Disabled (Off) – a memory segment is not replaced (in this case about 3 GB will be available for operating memory with 4 GB.

System BIOS Cacheable

This parameter turns on system BIOS caching that might speed up an access to it. In modern motherboards BIOS code is always written from flash-memory in operating memory and is hardly used after booting of operating system. That’s why it is recommended to turn this function off selecting the value “Disabled (Off)”.

Video BIOS Cacheable

This parameter controls BIOS caching of video adapter and is equal to “System BIOS Cacheable”. In modern motherboards a video adapter is available via a driver and video BIOS is used only when passing POST and at the initial stages of operating system loading.