Other Chipset Settings. Part II

Memory Hole At 15M-16M

This parameter reserves 1MB form address area between 15 and 16MB for monopoly usage by some outdated ISA-boards. As such motherboards are very rare nowadays, it is recommended to set the value “Disabled (Off)” for this parameter.

PCI Delay Transaction (Delayed Transaction)

This parameter switches on a special mechanism of PCI delay transaction that speeds up a bus operation. Switch this parameter on for modern computers by setting the value “Enabled (On)”. If a system has an outdated motherboard that does not support PCI 2.1 standard, this parameter should be switched off.

DVMT Mode Select

This parameter allows selecting the mode of memory allocation for integrated video adapter.

Possible values:

  • DVMT – the memory is allocated dynamically by applications requests and is exempted when there is no necessity;
  • Fixed – fixed memory capacity is allocated for needs of integrated video adapter;
  • Bosh – the combination of examined modes: a part of memory is reserved for constant usage by video adapter; and in case of necessity the additional memory areas would be allocated dynamically for it needs.

An additional parameter “DVMT/Fixed Memory” may be available to set a maximum memory capacity of integrated video adapter.