Overclocking of AMD Athlon/Phenom Processors. Part I

In the mid of 2000 the AMD company produced good processors of the Athlon 64 family, but Intel Core 2 processors that appeared in 2006 exceeded all expectations. The Phenom processors that appeared in 2008 could not catch up the Core 2 with their productivity. Only in 2009 the Phenom II processors managed to compete with them on equal footing. But by that time Intel had already designed Core i7, and the chips by AMD were used in systems of primary and secondary levels.

The overclockability of the AMD processors is a bit lower than in Intel Core and depends on the processor’s model. A memory controller is located directly in a processor, and the connection with chipset is carried out via a special bus “HyperTransport” (HP). An operating frequency of processor, memory and HT bus is defined by the way of multiplication of the basic frequency (200 MHz) to specific ratios.

The method for increasing of the basic frequency of a processor is mainly used for overclocking of AMD processors. But the frequency of HyperTransport bus and memory bus will automatically increase, so they have to be decreased before starting overclocking. The company also has the models with unblocked multiplier (Black Edition) and the overclocking of these chips may be done by increasing multiplying ratio; and you do not have to correct the parameters of operating memory and HT bus.