Parameters of Processor Overclocking. Part I

It is well-known that every processor operates on a particular frequency which can be found in its technical specifications and is obtained by multiplication of the base frequency multiplying ratio.

CPU Clock Ratio (CPU Ratio Selection, Multiplier Factor, Ratio CMOS Setting)

This parameter sets the multiplying ratio for central processor. Most modern processors allow only decreasing it or not to respond to ratio changing at all. But manufacturers have also designed the models with unblocked multiplier (for example, Black Edition in AMD) which can be easily overclocked by increasing the multiplier. Possible values:

  • Auto – multiplying ratio is set automatically depending on the processor;
  • 0X, 7.5X, 8.0X, 8.5X, 9.0X, 9.5X and so forth – you can make the processor operate with a special multiplying ratio by selecting one of specified values. As a result, the clock frequency will differ from the plate one;

CPU Host Clock Control (CPU Operating Speed)

This parameter turns on a manual control of frequency FSB (BCLK) and multiplying ratio that might need while overclocking. Possible values:

  • Disabled or Auto Detect – the processor clock frequency is set automatically; this value should be chosen for the system operation in its normal, unoverclocked mode;
  • Enabled (On) or User Define – the processor clock frequency can be changed manually with the help of the “CPU FSB Clock” parameter (this value is used while overclocking).

CPU FSB Clock (CPU Host Frequency (MHz), FSB Frequency, External Clock)

This parameter sets the FSB bus frequency or external frequency of a central processor, which the other frequencies are synchronized with. Changing of FSB frequency is a main method for processor overclocking, and a range and step adjustment depend on the chipset and motherboard model.

If you are not going to overclock your computer, set Auto for this parameter or switch off manual setting for processor operation mode with the help of the “CPU Operating Speed” parameter or similar to it.