PCI bus (Peripheral Component Interconnect) is a 32-bit bus that is able to support up to ten peripherals (PCI-cards). The data transmission with the clock frequency of 33 MHz is set by default for this bus. It is consistent with the peak bandwidth of 132 Mb/s but actually the data exchange can have the speed of about 40-50 Mb/s for this bus. Nowadays there are PCI-buses that enable to operate with the bus frequency of 66 MHz and that support 64-bit data transmission.

From the very beginning of its occurrence, PCI-bus connected all computer components: chipset, processor, memory and video card. That’s why, for example, a simple increasing of this bus’s frequency automatically led to increasing of its speed. After the progressive developments in technology, PCI-buses for the link “chipset-processor” was replaced by much faster FSB-bus that operated on 66 MHz and finally the AGP-bus for the link “chipset-video card and memory bus” was created.

All BIOS parameters for PCI-bus can be found in sections “Chipset Features Setup”, “Advanced Chipset Features” and “Advanced”.