PCI Express Bus. Part I

PEG Link Mode

This parameter is used in some motherboards by ASUS. It speeds up the operation of video adapter set in a slot PCI Express x16 (PEG – PCI Express Graphics).

Possible values:

  • Auto – all operating parameters of video adapter are set automatically; there is no overclocking;
  • Slow, Normal, Fast, Faster – one of these values sets the level of video adapter overclocking. There is no overclocking for Slow; but the highest adapter capacity is achieved when Faster is installed.

To set a graphic adapter PCI Express, you might find some other parameters in motherboards by ASUS:

  • PEG Root Control – controls the root port of PCI Express;
  • Link Latency – controls the time of delay in the channel of PCI Express x16;
  • PEG Buffer Length – defines the buffer length for graphic card with PCI Express interface;
  • Slot Power – allows changing the power voltage of PCI Express Slot within small limits;
  • High Priority Port Select – allows setting the highest priority for the selected port.

For normal operating of PCI Express bus, it is recommended to set Auto for these parameters.