Peculiarities of Working with Passwords on Notebooks

Portable computers are designed for user friendliness and mobility but while travelling they can be stolen, lost or forgotten somewhere. Thus, notebook manufacturers use special tools to protect these devices from extraneous persons. Almost in all modern models of notebooks it is impossible to reset a password by nulling BIOS or removing batteries from a motherboard. That’s why, one should be particularly careful when setting up a password on a notebook. A password must be difficult for extraneous persons but the one that would be difficult to forget for you.

If the password for a notebook is lost, you can reset it in the service centers but such service is not usually free. The mechanism of restoration of the password depends on the notebook manufacturer. For example, an error code will be displayed on the screen after several attempts of wrong password insertion in notebooks by Acer, Dell, LG and a set of other manufacturers. A temporary password is generated on the basis of this code in a service center. It enables entering Setup and reset a password. Some manufacturers, for example IBM and Sony, use more sophisticated protection system, and to reset a password, you might need to dismantle a notebook or even replace separate components.