Southern bridges of modern chipsets may support a huge amount of various peripherals. Each of them has its own parameter of BIOS with the help of which it may be turned off by setting a value “Disabled (Off)” and turned on by setting a value “Enabled (On)” or “Auto”.

This is the list of these parameters for the most popular peripherals:

  • AC97 Audio (Audio Controller, Onboard Audio Chip, Azalia Codec) – controls the functioning of integrated audio adapter;
  • Onboard FDC Controller (Onboard Floppy Controller) – turns on or off a built-in floppy controller;
  • Onboard LAN Control (MAC LAN) – turns on or off an integrated network controller. The parameter “Onboard LAN Option ROM (Onboard LAN Boot ROM)” may be also available; it enables or disables the remote booting from the network;
  • Onboard IEEE 1394 Controller (IEEE 1394) – turns on or off IEE controller 1394 (FireWire) integrated into the motherboard;
  • Onboard Game/MIDI Port – controls the operation of built-in game or MIDI port. The parameters for setting the resources of indicated ports may be also available; it is better to leave their values by default;
  • Onboard Infrared Port – controls the operation of built-in infrared port. If this parameter is on, the additional settings are usually available and their values should not be changed unless necessary.