Power Management Controller. Part III

In addition, some failures may arise after switching on the expanded power-saving mode. For example, your computer may be spontaneously switched on again. To control automatic switching, use the parameter “State After Power Failure” (AC PWR Loss Restart, AC Back Function). This function has the following sequence of steps: when the power is switched off, the computer’s state is fixed, and as soon as the supply voltage reaches normal values, a computer may be switched on. This parameter may have three values: Yes (Enabled), No (Disabled) and Auto. When this parameter is on, your computer will be automatically switched on if during the voltage drop it was operating. Moreover, some motherboards have the following effect: as soon as the voltage increases, your machine will turn on itself.

It is recommended to set the value “Off” for the home PC. In this case, a computer remains switched off after the restoration of power supply. The value “Auto” enables to return to the state that was at the moment of power voltage disappearance.