Processor and Cache Memory Settings. Part II

CPU Level 3 Cache

Using this parameter, you can switch on or off the usage of cache memory of the third level (L3) which can be found only in a set of new processor models.

If there is no L3 cache memory in the processor, the value of this parameter does not influence the system productivity.

Microcode Updation

Modern processors use specific microcode to correct errors that occur during the development of the processor which is updated by BIOS.

Possible values:

  • Enabled (On) – microcode updation is allowed;
  • Disabled (Off) – microcode updation is not allowed.

In some versions of BIOS, this parameter is informational and displays the current version of processor microcode.

Virtualization Technology (Vanderpool

Technology, Secure Virtual Machine)

This parameter enables or disables the support of the hardware virtualization technology, with the help of which the greater productivity can be achieved while using virtual machines. This technology requires the compulsory support from the processor. All processors AMD Athlon/Phenom for AM2/AM3 support the hardware virtualization, but some models of Intel Core2 do not have such function. To find out if your processor supports virtualization, look through its detailed specification. Possible values:

  • Enabled (On) – the hardware virtualization is on. This value may be necessary in case of usage of modern means of virtualization, for example the components Windows Virtual PC or Windows XP Mode, operating program Windows 7, programs Sun Virtual Box, VMware Workstation and some others;
  • Disabled (Off) – set this value if you are going to operate with virtual machines.