Processor and Cache Memory Settings. Part V

Delay Prior to Thermal

This parameter sets the delay time to activate the overheating protection system that is necessary for false alarms avoiding during the initial loading. Possible values:  4 Min, 8 Min, 16 Min, 32 Min – the time in minutes before switching the overheating protection system on. It is recommended to install the higher time value that is necessary for the full loading of operating system.

MAX CPUID Value Limit

(Limit CPUID Max Val)

This parameter limits the CPUID value by 3 which is necessary for normal operation of outdated operating systems. Set Enabled (On) for Windows 9x/NT4, and Disabled (Off) for Windows 2000/XP/2003.

Informational Processor Parameters

A lot of modern versions of BIOS contain informational parameters which display the current processor operating modes. Here are the most frequently occurring parameters:

  • CPU Type – the type and model of a central processor;
  • CPU Speed (Frequency) – the current processor clock frequency;
  • FSB Speed (Current FSB Frequency) – the frequency of the internal processor bus;
  • Cache L1, L2, L3 (Cache RAM) – the memory capacity;
  • Ratio Actual Value – the current value of multiplying ratio;
  • Ratio Status – this parameter displays if multiplying ratio change is available for this processor model.