Reasons to Update BIOS

BIOS update is a very responsible operation and it must be done only in those cases when it is really necessary. Here are some reasons for it:

  • A new processor, the supply of which has appeared in the updated BIOS, should be installed on a motherboard.
  • A hard drive of larger size should be connected to your motherboard.
  • Additional capabilities of chipset, which have not been in the original version of BIOS, should be increased.
  • There are mistakes in the BIOS code which influence the speed and stable operation of the system. Looking through the descriptions of available BIOS updates for your motherboards on the producer’s site, you may read enough about those changes in the BIOS code which are made by each version. Remember, that the last available version also contains all changes found in previous versions.


The speed and stable operation of the system are influenced by a large amount of different factors, so the current BIOS settings, operation parameters of particular devices, drivers’ correctness, the settings of operating system and applications should be checked before the update.

If there are not any reasonable grounds for BIOS update, it is better to reject this operation. Otherwise, you will have to check and edit BIOS parameters again, and in some cases – to reconfigure the entire operating system or even reinstall it.