Recovery of Damaged BIOS

If the above update rules are not observed, the BIOS code may be damaged. As a result, there is no possibility to boot a computer but it also shows some indications of its operation: a power indicator illuminates, a fan of the power supply starts, the indicators on a keyboard and a disk drive flash. Before recovering BIOS, power off the computer, null CMOS using a jumper on the motherboard and try to turn it again.

If BIOS zeroing has not produced the desired results, the only way to bring the motherboard back to life is to recover damaged BIOS code.  There are several ways to do this:

  • if you have a modern motherboard by one of the leading manufacturers, you can use the recovery technology offered by your motherboard’s manufacturers.
  • If there are not any special recovery technologies in your board, you may use the standard ways of recovery for AwardBIOS and AMIBIOS (using Boot Block).
  • If any of the above methods do not recover your BIOS, you may contact the service center of manufacturer or one of specialized companies where the flashing will be done using Programming Tool hardware.