Recovery Using Boot Block

This method is based on an assumption that the booting block of BIOS (Boot Block) has remained intact and you may run BIOS update with its help.

Boot Block of most versions of AwardBIOS just tries to boot a computer from a floppy, and as the display may be black all the time, you should create the floppy from which the update will be automatically started. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Create the same system floppy as for the AwardBIOS update, record a firmware program and a file with a firmware on it.
  2. Create a text file which has the following command: AWDFLASH name_file_firmware /ру /sn /ее /cd /ср /sb /r
  3. Save created file on the floppy named autoexec.bat. While saving the file in Notepad, it is necessary to select a type of the file “All Files”.
  4. Null the content of CMOS-memory, set the primary booting from the floppy, then insert the floppy into the floppy drive and turn on the computer. Then everything must be in automatic regime. If successful, after rebooting you will see “Post” on your display. Eject the floppy from the drive then.

If your booting block is intact, AMIBIOS recovery is performed in the following way:

  1. Record a file with the BIOS firmware on a floppy or rename it in AMIBOOT.ROM.
  2. Insert a floppy into a drive and turn on the computer. All further operations should be performed automatically. To start recovery in some version of BIOS, you need to press Ctrl+Home immediately after switching the power supply.