Resource Allocation. Part II

Reset Configuration Data (Force Update ESCD)

This parameter allows forcibly updating data of system configuration and resource distribution table (ESCD). In some cases such action allows “revitalizing” the system that refuses to boot normally after adding or deletion of expansion boards.

Possible values:

  • Disabled (No) – ESCD cleaning is prohibited (this value corresponds to normal computer operation);
  • Enabled (Yes) – resource distribution tables will be cleaned and rebuilt during the next system rebooting. Then a value Disabled will be automatically set.


Assign IRQ for VGA (Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA)

This parameter enables or disables interruption assignment (IRQ) for video adapter. The value “Enabled (On)” is set (and recommended) by default and the interruption will be allocated.


Assign IRQ for USB

This parameter enables (the value “Enabled (On) – by default) or disables (Disabled (Off)) interruption assignment (IRQ) for USB-devices.


Resources Controlled By

This parameter defines the method of allocation of interruptions (IRQ) and channels of direct memory access (DMA).

Possible values:

  • Auto (ESCD) – resources are allocated automatically (this value is by default); it is recommended if there are no outdated expansion boards in the system;
  • Manual – resources are allocated manually using the parameters “IRQ x Assigned to” and “DMA x Assigned to”.


IRQ x Assigned to

If the method of interruption allocation is set manually in “Resources Controlled By”, the settings for separate interruption can be changed. You may select one of two values:

  • PCI/ISA PnP (PCI Device) – automatic assignment of interruptions for one of devices and Plug and Play support (this value is set by default);
  • Legacy ISA (Manual, Reserved) – an interruption will be reserved for ISA-board.