Resource Allocation. Part III

DMA x Assigned to

If the manual resource allocation is set (Resources Controller By), some versions of BIOS allow reserving DMA channels for outdated devices. The possible values for these parameters are similar to those in “IRQ x Assigned to”.

PIRQ x Use IRQ No, INT Pin x Assignment

These parameters allow setting the interruption assignment between PCI- and AGP-devices manually using programming interruption queries (PIRQ).

The interruption assignment using PIRQ is a relatively difficult task and its use is rather doubtful so always select the value “Auto”.

PCI Slot x IRQ (Slot x)

This parameter sets a certain interruption for a particular PCI-slot and it is a simplified version of “PIRQ x Use IRQ No”. Almost always set Auto.

Init Display First (Primary Graphic’s Adapter, Initiate Graphic Adapter)

A set of parameters for setting video adapter and several other devices can be found in a section “PnP/PCI Configurations”. This parameter allows selecting the first video adapter and its correct value slightly speeds up the booting.

Possible values:

  • PCI – first of all a system tries to identify the video adapter installed in PCI-slot;
  • AGP – AGP-adapter will be initialized first;
  • Onboard – firstly, an adapter integrated into a motherboard will be identified;
  • PCI Express (PCIE, PEG) – PCI Express adapter will be the first.

In some versions of BIOS, an inquiry order of adapters can be set, for example PCI/AGP and AGP/PCI.