Screening and Testing of an Overclocked Computer

The first testing for computer productivity is booting of operating system. If the delay of your system has occurred during the POST procedure, the processor or other components cannot “hold” a set frequency. In this case it is better to decrease the overclocking or try to select working frequencies and voltages more thoroughly.

If an overclocking was unsuccessful, most modern motherboards are able to recover the values of frequencies and voltages by default, but to do this you might hold Insert button while turning on your computer or repeat an on/off operation several times. If you did not manage to BIOS settings using one of these methods, open your system block and carry out the reset using a jumper on the motherboard.

When Windows starts, the workload on the main components significantly increases, and if the values of working frequencies are exceeded, Windows may just not boot. And if an operating system has booted normally, all applications are run, all these do not demonstrate a successful overclocking. A system may suddenly stop in several minutes or during operation of the specific programs that require increased system resources.

One of the easiest and more famous testing for a long productivity is creation of archive of a large size and screening of its integrity. There are also specialized programs which intensively upload the central processor, for example Prime 95, S&M, Super PI and other. But a successful operation of one testing program does not guarantee a full stability, so it is recommended to use several of these utilities.

The aim of overclocking is to increase the computer speed. You can check the speed of overclocked computer by using the programs SiSoftware Sandra, 3DMark and PCMark ( Testing programs not always reflect the computer productivity precisely, and to get fuller information you can measure an operating speed of real applications. For example, if you mainly operate with graphic, you can measure the execution time of given operations over testing image in Adobe Photoshop before and after overclocking and compare the results.