Searching for a New Version of BIOS. Part II

You can also find out the motherboard’s model by examining it. Open the cover of your system unit and find the labeling which can be directly marked on the motherboard or on the glued label.

After identifying the motherboard’s model, you must open its manufacturer’s site. Its address can be found in the instruction, EVEREST program or by using search servers, for example or

You can find the firmware for your model on the file download page (Download) which sometimes may be stored on the support section (Support).

Find your motherboard’s model and move to the page with the list of drivers and BIOS updates. Download the latest version of BIOS to update it. Besides, you can boot the firmware program advised by the producer (if there is not any in the archive with the firmware itself) or read an update instruction.



You need to find the file with the BIOS code for updating, belonging exactly to the model of your motherboard. The use of BIOS version from another, even rather similar, model may lead to the motherboard’s inoperability.