Searching for a New Version of BIOS. Part I

The first task that should be solved when updating BIOS is to find a file with new firmware. This task is greatly simplified if you have set a special utility for BIOS update from the disk annexed to motherboard. Modern versions of utilities from motherboards’ producers allow automatically finding and loading a new firmware for your motherboard’s model, and also performing BIOS update.

If there is no possibility for using utilities from motherboard’s producer, you need find a new version of the firmware in the Internet yourself. To do this, you should know the manufacturer name and the motherboard model. You may also find all necessary information from your motherboard instruction. If there is not any instruction, it is better to use of special diagnostic utilities to identify the producer and its model.

  • EVEREST ( After you install and start the program, open a section “Computer ► The Total Information” that contains the basic information on the processor, the motherboard and the chipset. In the EVEREST you may also find direct links to manufacturers’ sites of detected hardware. You may find the number of BIOS version and its date in the section “Motherboard ► BIOS”.
  • SiSoftware Sandra ( This program is similar to EVEREST in its functionality. Use the module “The System Information” on the “Hardware” tab to view the information on the hardware.