Security and Warnings

Here are some warnings of computer overclocking:

  • Do not attempt to overclock you computer to the maximum. If you damage a processor that is under a warranty service during overclocking, it would unlikely be changed even if it was initially defected.
  • Do not change BIOS configuration on brand computers. If a case of your computer is sealed and changes in BIOS have led to irreversible consequences, you should contact the Service. The only exceptions are computers with motherboards that contain the auto reset technology of BIOS settings.
  • Be careful with overclocking. If you have a value scale, perform all changes consistently: increase the current value by one minimal value and see how your computer operates. If everything is normal, you can increase the parameter value by one more step. But if there are some problems, you should return to the previous value at which your computer operates normally. This process may take a long time.
  • Do not trust your friends in their previous successful overclocking.