Selecting a Method for BIOS Update

Most modern motherboards have several methods for BIOS update and you may select the most appropriate one for you.

  • Update from MS-DOS. This is a classical updating method which is successfully used for many years. To ensure it, it is necessary to create a bootable floppy MS-DOS, burn the file with firmware on it, boot your system from this floppy and then start updating procedure. Floppies are considered to be outdated devices but you may also create bootable flash-disk or CD/DVD.
  • Update from BIOS. A lot of popular motherboards have an opportunity of launching update procedure directly from BIOS Setup. In this case the file with the firmware should be kept on a floppy, flash-disk or another device which is supported by the program.
  • Update from Windows. The leading producers of motherboards may propose utilities for BIOS update of their motherboards from Windows. The advantage of this method is a user-friendly interface of update programs – most of them may also automatically boot a new version of BIOS from the producer’s site. However, you should remember that the risk of errors is a little higher then and this method is recommended to use when you cannot perform, for any reason, update from MS-Dos or BIOS.