Set up Password. Part I

From the appearance of first computers, it became imperative to protect them from unwanted intrusion and provide the privacy of stored information. One of methods to limit access is to set up passwords using BIOS but it is not reliable enough.

Most versions of BIOS enable selecting one of two levels of access limitation.

  • Password for system booting. In this case a computer would stop each time prompting you to enter a password.
  • Password for entering BIOS Setup. In this case no password is required for usual computer booting but it is required while attempting to enter BIOS Setup.

Traditionally the commands for setting up passwords are located in the main menu. These parameters may be in the menu “Security” or submenu “Boot►Security” in BIOS with horizontal menu bar.

Set Supervisor Passwords

This command sets or resets a supervisor password. To set a new one, select “Set Supervisor Password” in a menu, press Enter, enter a password in the window that appears, repeat a password once more in the next window and press Enter again.

To reset the password set before, select “Set Supervisor Password” and press Enter without entering any password. The scope of this and other passwords is defined by the “Security Option” parameter.


Set User Password

This command modifies a user password. All operating procedures on its setting and resetting are similar to password for accessing BIOS Setup.