Set up Password. Reset Password

Set Password

Some versions of BIOS enable setting only one password and its scope is defined by the “Security Option” parameter. The sequence of password setting or resetting is similar to “Set Supervisor Password”.

Security Option (Password Check)

This parameter defines the current level of limitations for set passwords.

Possible values:

  • Setup – the normal booting of system is always allowed but a password is required to enter BIOS Setup. If only one of the passwords was set, it is entered for accessing BIOS Settings. If both passwords were set, enter a Supervisor Password for full access to BIOS Settings. A User Password will open an access only for viewing or won’t be accepted at all;
  • System (Always) – in this case a password is not required both to continue booting of system and to enter BIOS Setup. Any of set passwords is appropriate for booting.

 If the passwords were not set, an access is allowed to everyone regardless of a value of the parameter under review.

Reset Password

It is very common when a computer with a set password for entering BIOS Setup is operated for a long time unless some changes in BIOS Settings may be necessary for modernization or because of repair. Then, it is appeared that the password is forgotten and it is impossible to find a person who has set it.

To reset the password, it is necessary to null all BIOS Settings using a jumper on a motherboard. In this case, perhaps, you will have to set up your computer as all parameter will have their values by default.