Setting up Chipset and Some Board Components. Part II

AGP Fast Write

This parameter allows the fast write when the processor sends data directly to the memory of video adapter bypassing a motherboard. For most adapters, it is recommended to allow this function setting the value Enabled (On). If the operation of your video adapter is unstable, it is better to prohibit a fast drive selecting the value Disabled (Off).

AGP Master 1W/S Read

This parameter defines the time of delay when reading the data on AGP bus. If the value is set to Enabled (On) a delay will be equal to 1 cycle that is recommended for most adapters. Switch this function off if there are errors in operation of video adapter.

AGP Master 1 W/S Write

This parameter sets the delay when writing data via AGP bus and is completely identical to the previous one.

AGP to DRAM Prefetch (AGP Prefetch)

The value Enabled (On) for this parameter allows prefetch when addressing AGP-adapter to the memory. In this mode a chipset performs the prefetch of the next data block that speeds up the reading of serial memory areas.