Shadow Memory. Part II

To shadow the separate memory areas, you may use the following parameters: “C000, 16K Shadow”, “C400, 16K Shadow”, “C800 16K Shadow”, CC00 16K Shadow”, D000, 16K Shadow”, “D400, 16K Shadow”, D800, 16K Shadow” and “DC00, 16K Shadow”. Depending on a version of BIOS, the names of these parameters may be changed, for example “C8000 – CBFFF Shadow” or “Adaptor ROM Shadow CC00, 16K” but all of them describe a particular memory fragment, the volume of which is equal to 16 Kbyte. These parameters may have two values: Enabled and Disabled. The shadow is disabled by default, but if you use some devices with the read-only memory, you must set the value “Enabled” for this parameter. If you use operating systems starting from Windows95 or higher, set the value “Disabled” for all parameters.

The shadowing of BIOS video card is a special case. The recommendations are the same: the usage of shadowing while operating or playing games allows significantly increasing the performance of video card.

To shadow the memory with video-BIOS, use the parameter “Video Shadow” (Video BIOS Shadowing, Video ROM BIOS Shadow, Video ROM Shadow C000, 32K). This parameter may have two values: Enabled and Disabled. But some video cards may locate their BIOS in other areas, so if you do not find the improved quality of video card work, refer to the description of your video card and carry out manual shadowing of the required memory areas using the parameters “C000, 16K shadow” and others.