Switching to Power Saving Mode. Part II

The values for the parameters of switching to the power saving mode of separate devices can be set automatically or reallocated manually. To define the installation methods, use the parameter “Power Management Mode” which may have the following values:

  • Customize – manual installation of values for the following (or similar) power-saving parameters: Standby Timeout, Hard Disk Timeout, Standby CPU Speed, Video Timeout;
  • Maximum – the maximum possible values are set for all power-saving parameters;
  • Medium – the medium

    possible values are set for all power-saving parameters (this is an optimal value);

  • Minimum – the minimum values which corresponded to maximum delays while switching to the power saving mode;
  • Disabled – the power saving mode is disabled.

The entire system enters the power saving mode after a selectable time which can be set by the parameter “Standby Timeout” (Standby Timer Select, Standby Timers or Standby Time Out). The specific intervals of time – from several minutes (1 Minute) to several hours (1 Hour) or Disabled (Off) are used as the values for this parameter. When assigning the time interval for switching the power saving mode by a processor, remember that if you have set the time interval for an operating mode at low processor frequencies (Doze), it should be taken into account when selecting a value for the parameter “Standby Timeout”.