Switching to Power Saving Mode. Part III

To control the transition to the power saving mode of the hard disk, use the parameter “Hard Disk Power Down Mode” (HDD Off After). Using this parameter, you can define in what state the hard disk should switch after the sleep period exceeds the given time period. This parameter may have three values: Disabled, Standby and Suspend. When selecting the value, remember that the frequent power disconnection of the hard disk causes the decreasing of its operating time. An optimal value for this parameter is “Disabled”. But if you have the comparatively new hard disk that was designed to

operate in the power saving mode, you can specify the required operating mode.

After selecting a power saving mode for the hard disk, you should specify the time period, at the end of which – in case of hibernation – the disk will enter a specified mode. To do this, use the parameter “Hard Disk Timeout” (HDD Power Down, Hard Disk Time Out (Minute)) which may have a set of values, for example from one minute (1 Minute) to one hour (1 Hour) that strictly regulate the time frames or a value “Disabled” (Off).