System Boot Sequence. Part II

Boot Sequence

This parameter was used in outdated systems and determined the sequence of operating system search on information storage devices.

Boot devices are designated as follows:

  • A – diskette;
  • C – the first hard disk;
  • D – the second hard disk;
  • SCSI – SCSI device;
  • CDROM – CD drive.

Various sequences of boot devices were used as the values for this parameter. For example, the values A, C and SCSI set the following sequence of operating system search: diskette, hard disk, SCSI device.

Second Boot Device (2nd Boot Device),

Third Boot Device (3rd Boot Device)

These parameters set the second and the third boot devices. The values will be the same as for the first Boot Device.

Hard Disk Boot Priority

(Hard Disk Drives)

This parameter sets the Hard Disks Boot Priority if there are several disks. The list of disks connected to this motherboard can be used as a value, and the list of detected disks – in some new versions. Use +/- on an additional numeric keyboard to move a device up and down in this list.

To boot a system from a hard disk, it is necessary to specify the “Hard Disk” value of the “First Boot Device” parameter.

Removable Device Priority

(Removable Drives)

To boot a computer by using this parameter, select a device with removable drives. The usage order is similar to the “Hard Disk Boot Priority” parameter.

CDROM Boot Priority

(CDROM Drives)

This parameter sets CD/DVD Drive for computer booting. It is used similar to the “Hard Disk Boot Priority” and “Removable Device Priority” parameters.

Boot Other Device

(Try Other Boot Device)

This parameter allows booting from the other devices which are not clearly specified in the “First/Second/Third Boot Device” parameters.

Possible values:

  • Enabled (Yes, On) – a boot from the devices which are not clearly specified is allowed;
  • Disabled (No, Off) – only those devices which are clearly specified in the “First/Second/Third Boot Devices” parameters can be used while booting.

Boot From Network (Boot From LAN)

This parameter allows booting using LAN; it must have a server which provides remote loading. This function should be switched off by pressing Disabled (Off) for the common computers in order not to slow down the process.