System Resource Allocation. Part I

System resource allocation is one of the most important moments in computer booting. The productivity of the whole system and operability of separate devices may significantly depend on an access to the dynamic memory, the way of allocation of interruptions, configuration interaction between devices (expansion cards) and buses and other.

As a rule, all resource allocations are automatic. But this does not guarantee the compatibility of all devices and their setting to an optimum operation. This may occur in old computers that use outdated equipment. That’s why you have to reinstall manually a part of automatically installed values to reach a normal operation of all devices and to get the top performance out of them.

Use the parameter “Resources Controlled By” to install the method of resource allocation. This parameter is located in a section “PnP/PCI Configuration Setup” and has got two values: Auto – automatic setting, and Manual – manual setting. In case of automatic setting, BIOS allocates IRQ-interruptions and DMA-channels to all devices connected to PCI-bus. In case of manual setting, select one of available parameters: “x IRQ-n assigned to” or “x IRQ-n assigned to”. The manual resource allocation is required when you use devices that do not support Plug and Play.