System Resource Allocation. Part I I

Different versions of BIOS use various parameters for identification of methods of system configuration: Configuration Mode, PnP OS Installed, PnP BIOS Auto-Config, Plug & Play O/S, PnP BIOS Auto-Config. All these parameters suggest performing the installation of devices that support Plug and Play by using BIOS tools. The values of these parameters are divided into two parts: Use BIOS Setup – the use of BIOS opportunities; Use PnP OS – the use of opportunities operating system.

If you use Windows 95 or any later version and do not use any old ISA-devices that do not support Plug and Play, the allocation of system resources should be shifted to operating system.

If you use manual configuration, you may use the parameter “Lock Setup Configuration (Secured Setup Configuration) which denies modifying any settings by BIOS. This parameter has got two values: Yes – denied modifications; and No – allowed modifications. This parameter may be useful if you operate in Windows 2000/XP which not only perform the configuration automatically, but lock the possibility of manual allocation of system resources by default.