System Resource Allocation. Part III

When the system configuration is set, all data about resource allocation are stored in ESCD (Extended System Configuration Data). If no modifications were found after configuration processing, the stored configuration is set. This significantly decreases the time of computer loading.

In some cases you should forcibly reset the system configuration, for example, while setting new equipment or resource allocation. The parameter “Reset Configuration Data” (Force Update ESCD, Reset Config Data, Clear NVRAM, Clear ESCD) enables to reset the configuration data. This parameter has got two values: Enabled (Yes) – ESCD cleansing is allowed; Disabled (No) – denied. If this parameter has got the value “Enabled”, after computer restarting BIOS cleans an area of ESCD, reconfigures the devices that support Plug and Play, write the appropriate information and automatically gives the values “Disabled” to the parameter “Reset Configuration Data”. In some BIOS you can find the parameter “Clear NVRAM on Every Boot”. It value “Yes” underlines the need resource reallocation during each computer restarting.