The Hardware Opportunities for Expedited Operation of Your Processor

The hardware opportunities for overclocking of your processor is closely related to the producer of your motherboard, the time of its production, the type of your processor, the limited warranty for your computer, as you must have direct access to all innards of your computer.

The easiest way to identify if your motherboard is suitable for overclocking is to read its manual. As a rule, if your motherboard supports overclocking, there is always a section in a manual, for example “CPU Speed Setup”, where you can find how and where all switches should be set to reach the required bus frequency or multiplier value. In the manuals for old motherboards you can also meet the tables of overclocking for Intel, AMD and Cyrix processors.

Using the hardware for overclocking, you may use the same recommendations as for the software overclocking: the significant increase in the bus frequency may have a bad impact on other devices, and changes in multiplying ratio may lead to the computer failure. In case of unstable operation of your computer, change all switches back to their standard positions.