The Preparation for the Update

Regardless of chosen update method, it is necessary to ensure that your system has been the most stable before this procedure.

Here are several important recommendations:

  • First of all, it is necessary to provide reliable power supply; it is better to use an interrupted power supply (UPS).
  • Try to exclude the possibility of unintentional pressing of the keys and the keys on your system unit, and also to envisage the other surprises.
  • If you operate with floppies, check their quality beforehand. Such failures can be quite disturbing.
  • Ensure stable operation of the system with the help of BIOS setup. In updating, the overclocking of the processor, the memory and other components is inadmissible. It is better to set the default values for all BIOS parameters.
  • Before updating from Windows, close all unnecessary programs or reboot the operating system.