The Producers of BIOS

There are two producers of BIOS today: Phoenix and American Megatrends. The first company produces BIOS under the trademarks “AWARD” and “PHOENIX”, the second company produces “AMIBIOS”. You can also find BIOS produced by MR. BIOS Company. Some large producers of motherboards and other equipment, for example Intel and Aser, also produce their BIOS. As a rule, such BIOS can be used only with particular models of motherboards of this manufacturer.

Of course, different Trademarks of BIOS have a lot of differences, despite of similar tasks facing them. First of all, this is directly linked to the possibility of manual setting. For example, BIOS PHOENIX – it has poor possibilities for setting. As a rule, such BIOS is used in multi-processor systems, workstations and some motherboards produced by Intel.

AMIBIOS is wide-spread among outdated computers and soma new ones with low-cost motherboards.

As any other popular software product, BIOS has got several versions. As the capacity of motherboards increases, there is a growing need for increasing the capacities of BIOS. Besides, as any other software, micro-programs for BIOS are constantly updated so as to optimize and expand the initial parameters. It does not mean that you have to update BIOS every week. As a rule, a computer operates well with the pre-installed software.