The Sequence of Boot Device Search. Part I

After you have identified all accessible IDE-devices, you can start creating a sequence of device search that may contain boot records or some media with them. Go to “Advanced BIOS Futures” (or “BIOS Futures Setup”) section.

As a rule, the way of navigation and the keys of quick access to parameters are described at the bottom part of BIOS Settings Window or to the right of it. To toggle between the parameters inside one section, use the arrow keys (→, ←, ↑, ↓), to enter a section use Enter button, to exit a section use Esc button, to search values accessible for this parameter use -/+ buttons on the additional numeric keypad (or Page Up/Page Down buttons).

The further actions will depend on the type and version of BIOS: in outdated versions such parameters that define the types of devices with boot sections are located directly in “Advanced BIOS Futures► Boot Sequence” (“System Boot Sequence).

The following parameters are used for specifying boot devices:

  • First (1st) Boot Device;
  • Second (2nd) Boot Device;
  • Third (3rd) Boot Device;
  • Fourth (4th) Boot Device;
  • Boot Other Device – choosing an additional type of booting.

First of all, BIOS checks the availability of boot sector in a device specified in “First (1st) Boot Device” parameter and then in a device “Second (2nd) Boot Device”.