What to Do if Your Computer Becomes Unstable? Part II

Nowadays you can also find such models of motherboards that are equipped with a separate panel with a switch which enables to assign forcibly default values to BIOS parameters. All changed parameters become enforceable only after the computer restarts.

Battery removal will automatically lead to installation of default parameters for all BIOS parameters. When a computer is switched on, open a window if BIOS settings and perform an auto scan of IDE-devices.

If battery removal and further setting of BIOS do not help, you have more likely “burned” an element which is a necessity for computer’s functioning.


CMOS battery removal is an “end” for BIOS settings. You can reset the current parameters of BIOS in easier way. Moreover, if you have a manual for your motherboard, you can try the following way of setting default values of BIOS parameters. Switch your computer off, remove the hood and find a jumper on a motherboard that zeroes the current values of BIOS. In fact, this jumper breaks an electric circuit of BIOS-battery, so it is enough only to remove a jumper and place it back. You can find a jumper placement in your motherboard manual. It might have a name that is consonant with “JBAT” and is described as “Clear CMOS jumper”. The specific name depends on the type of your motherboard.